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Popular Reviews

June 11, 2015
By: Molly W.
Mike did a great job for me on deck power washing & staining...quality of work is great and he is very efficient. He even washed/stained some other items for no extra charge. I would recommend him and will use his services again.
June 9, 2015
By: Adam Z.
We had a GREAT experience with Mike(owner) at Fastrac Painting. First off, let me just say that Fastrac is by no means the cheapest, but it's not too expensive if you've already experienced inconsistent results. If you are looking for true value, you will find it with Mike: 1. Incredible craftsmanship and care. 2. (optional) Consulting services with amenities home design, which can really help you with tough color decisions. 3. Quick service (we had our entire apartment painted and it took about 3 days) and great professionalism. 4. A 30-day touch up guarantee free of charge. Let me just say that I suck at painting and I absolutely hate it. The last time I painted a room it was almost comical how bad it looked afterwards. So this time around, my wife and I decided to go in the complete opposite direction. We are very glad we did. Our finished apartment looks great and there is absolutely no way we could have made it look that way ourselves. You may be able to find cheaper painters on Yelp or Craigslist, but I highly doubt you are going to be able to find BETTER ones. So if you need your place painted, save up some money and do it right. You won't regret it.
June 9, 2015
By: Julie W.
Fastrac Painting ROCKS!!!! They did an awesome job painting the inside of my house after a fire! In fact, it looks better now then it ever has. The workers were very professional and always showed up on time. They got the job done quickly and exceeded my expectations! I would recommend Mike and his crew to anyone looking to get a job well done at a fair price!!!
June 9, 2015
By: David B
We gave Mike quite a project - a home built in the 40s with a mix of plaster and drywall and we wanted him to paint EVERYTHING. The windows, the doors, the walls, the ceilings, shelving, kitchen cabinets, bed frames...etc. He's a very skilled painter with great lines - and actually prefers dark colors. Outside from being a fun guy to hang out with, Mike worked very hard on this project. Definitely refer him for any job - big or small!
June 9, 2015
By: Linda N
Mike is to notch! He is efficient and a true professional! Most important he was personable and patient with questions! He did a fantastic job on our projects!
June 9, 2015
By: Jenoatha G.
Rod & Jo Green 06/03/1024 What a great paint job...what a great guy! We thank you! Fastrac Painting/ owner Michael Burked did a great exterior paint job on our home. Mike was fine tuned and our project was completed picture perfect. We hope to have Fastrac Painting/ Michael Burke back again for our next painting venture. Many thanks again to the company and owner!
June 9, 2015
By: Elizabeth H.
Mike painted much of a large (4-bedroom) condo for us, and we have the highest praise for his professionalism, reliability, affordability, and all-round nice personality. We were out of town when he did the work, and when we came back we were very impressed with the extra care he'd taken--he fixed some drywall and did touch-ups where they were needed in addition to doing a great job with the painting itself. He was fun to talk to, also--not just helpful when we were making color choices but generally entertaining & lively. We absolutely recommend him--we plan to call him for our next project. Five stars!
June 9, 2015
By: A G. Ypsilanti, MI
Mike painted the entire downstairs of our standard suburban home (on his own) in four and a half days. He was efficient, pleasant, and thorough. I had chosen light colors to cover over some rather dark colors, and Mike didn't stop until it looked right (even if that meant three or four coats of paint!). His quote was accurate and included painting the baseboards (something which was an additional cost from another company). My husband and I are extremely pleased with Mike's work and highly recommend him.
June 9, 2015
By: John F.
I would use Mike for any painting job in my home ,as well as, my business. He is the best. Period!!
June 2, 2015
By: Silvana Graf
I’ll have better pictures tomorrow when the sun rises and shines on the front of the house vs counter light like it is now… Great job Mike!